Saturday, November 15, 2008

Takaha Onsen - Another Defunct Onsen

When I went there in June 2008, the doors had already been closed for good but the structure was still standing. This area, 3-400 meters east of Hankyu Rokko, is mostly a residential area with single-family housing.

I was forced to use onsen and sento after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in January 1995. So, I had to search out which nearby ones were available. Because there were so many people using them, we were given a time limit. Since then, I know of two that I had used near Kobe High School on the number 2 bus line that have been closed down. And a third, about 200 meters southwest of Hankyu Rokko and across from Rokko Elementary school, now has apartments where it stood.

In addition to a lack of patrons, due to a shift in the local housing, I can imagine that the cost of fuel has further squeezed profit out of that kind of business.
This was the outdoor notice board of the price structure, 380 yen for adults, and cost for soap, shampoo, and towel rental, up to 470 yen.

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David said...

Oh man! They closed. I loved that place. Since I moved I haven't returned there and I was always wanting to go. Such a waist.